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Submitted on
August 21, 2013


10 (who?)

That's Right, Dying Breed is having a contest. A BIG one too!

As most of you know we have been trying to have some people here on dA give us some characters to use in this comic :iconthisdyingbreed: We have a had a good number of very interesting a exciting characters that both DeadStag and myself have deemed very good fits for the comic, however, don't think we should only pick designs we want to pick characters and this is where the contest comes in! We want to make this fun and rewarding for you guys while giving us a better understanding of what characters we are putting in our comic, after all we want to give them justice.



It will require both drawing and writing but don't worry when we say its gonna be fine we mean it! We aren't basing this on the art or the writing but how hard you tried how interesting of a character and how well it fits in with the story.
You are allotted two pieces of art in this contest. That means double the chances of winning! You can draw one male dog one female dog or one of each, no "I'm gonna draw two males, or I'm gonna draw two females" we need some different looks and sexes guys!!

So here's the contest. ((!!!))
You have to take your character and draw them in a situation they will likely be in during this comic, a pig attack. (Yes that does mean you have to also draw a pig in this full picture unless they are a tracker, than you need to follow plot 2 and work out a picture to fit that) They can either be << Tracker, Bailer, Hanger, or a Euthanist >> -- :thumb396475121:

For the sake of this contest you can only pick one of the classes for your dog to fall into, however in the comic they may be more than one.
This must be a full color picture of your dog interacting with the boar and keep in mind we also wanna see the character and its design!

In the artist comment we are going to ask that up top you add :
:iconthisdyingbreed:Hell is a Road to Awe Contest:iconthisdyingbreed:
-------Contest '13, Dying Breed
[Name: __Anything you want darling__]
[Age: __Keep it reasonable___]
[Class: __Bailer, Tracker, Hanger, Euthanist____]
[Breeds: __Working Breeds only!_____]
[Personality: _________Full paragraph__________]
[Weakness: _At Least Three_____]
[Strengths: __At Least Three_____]
[Past: ____Where did they come from before they were let loose or did they run away?___]
Scale: [5 High]
{Intelligence: 1-5}
{Cunning: 1-5}
{Strength: 1-5}
{Stamina: 1-5}
{Leadership: 1-5}
[Here you will write your story]

P1. A boar is running toward your dog, suddenly everything is blurry and they feel heat rush through their skin, they never thought they would do this again but as both Jacko and Shock rush by them, they feel a need, a desire, to prove them-self. Sure maybe they aren't the best in the pack, maybe they need to learn to tame the messy style they use when hunting but they want to show My Fair Lady they have everything it takes to be worth this small packs time and not be mindless like those infected dogs, they want to prove they are a fighter, a warrior and they want to prove that no matter what, they want to survive this hell. Like My Fair Lady said, Hell is a road to awe, you just need to make it there. [Hanger, Bailer, Eutahnist]


P2. Your dog finds tracks. Boar tracks. They know it is danderous to go alone but they go anyway. As they are following these tracks they hear a squeal and turn to find that is is only a small boar, still large in size however, obviously young. It stares up at them and looks deep into their eyes before taking off toward the brush. Instinct you chase. You rush after them hoping to cut them off or catch them in the run. As you break thrugh the brush you are still hot on the tail until you realize you are no longer alone with the small boar....and that spells trouble. Now you need to get out....and fast! The small boar is long gone but the threat remains. (It can be a another boar, it can be a roo...anything that can pose a large threat to your dog (look up dangerous Austriallan wildlife.) [Bailer, Hanger, Tracker]

(Give us a thrill but don't make them too powerful, show their strong and weak points and make them a believable character for their breeds and personality, we want to love them! Give them quirks and use language to make your dog feel real and in place in Australia. Make it fit with whatever class they are in!)

At the bottom please put:
Join here:…
[Link Back To Where You Advertised (Poll or Journal or Picture)]… << Accepted Entries



First you must be watching the ThisDyingBreed group to enter, we will check!

Second of all we want to make sure the contest is fair and you have to use a new piece of art that you draw just for this comic  to be considered for the running!!

This is the "Hell is a Road to Awe" Contest so make sure to name the art work accordingly and if you want to call your piece something else make sure to mention this contest, link back to this journal and credit the group. We want as many people as possible to join this contest!

IMPORTANT*** Before entering you have to write a journal or make a poll advertising for this contest and the comic, this is all about publicity.

Now here is the part all of you care about, Prizes!!

First Prize: 1000 :points:, a character sheet of your character, a main spot in the comic with a large role (Very important) and a full body drawing :thumb357828906: < of your character.

Second Prize: 700 :points:, your character will appear in the large sheet of minor characters, your character will be a small but interesting part of the comic, and a colored sketch of your character.  

Third Prize: 300 :points:, your character will not have a speaking part and will only appear in a small part of the comic as a background character and a black and white sketch of your character. :thumb398179594:

People's Choice!: **This prize is picked by watchers** An appearance in the comic with a few lines.

Writer's Choice!: **This will be picked by us as an honorable mention** A character we love and want in our comic however, how they are used is going to be a secret.

Character Information!

If you do put a character in as a option for us in this comic please understand you will get credit for each page they show up on for your design. You may still use them in other places however, please no other comics. Please realize though, you are signing the character over to us, there is a chance they may die and in very brutal ways if they do so do not come bitching after such that we killed your character. They will be in our right of the comic to do as we please with them. Be prepared.

Also we only except very strict breeds --

"no wolves, coyotes, jackals and mixes of such. since the comic is based in Australia we do however accept a small portion of mixed breeds of dingo. ((!)) ask if accepting before hand ((!)) mainly referenced to higher character roles

this comic is based off of hunting and fighting so keep in mind large and or long coated dogs e.g Siberian huskies will easily over heat in these climates if active try keeping characters on a working dog role.
this comic is also strictly a natural based theme which means no discolored character"

Have a g'day.



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DirtyMongrel Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
Looks like fun Dx if only I had the tiiiime
XDeadDog Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gosh! I wish you would have the time to join :C I love your designs 
DirtyMongrel Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
Aye, I just wouldn't want to rush my entry x.x
XDeadDog Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You have until Halloween C:
DirtyMongrel Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
Eh I'll see, I have a few entries for a contest to get done by October as well
XDeadDog Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
L-dubz Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will definitely enter!! I love the idea for the comic and I can't wait to make some bad ass working dogs for you to consider (:<
XDeadDog Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very exciting to hear it! 
Make sure to advertise and watch us ;P 

We can't wait to see your entry!
DeadStag Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013
thats great news, we would love to have you participate. i hope you the bests of luck and have fun!
HowlingSpirit34 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had a comic with pitty breeds I was thinking of doing but decided not to. I might go ahead and enter a character in that! :D
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